7月17日 "Military culture and operational effectiveness"

2014年度 国際研究センター研究会のお知らせ

"Military culture and operational effectiveness"

講師:Joseph Soeters
Professor, Management & Organization Studies, at the Netherlands Defence Academy and Tilburg University

講師:René Moelker
Associate Professor, the Netherlands Defense Academy

司会・討論: 青井 千由紀
青山学院大学 国際政治経済学部 教授


講義内容:In "Military culture and operational effectiveness" the focus will be on how military cultures can be described and what their impact may be on the performance of armed forces in operational conditions. Military culture is not a monolythic phenomenon; it knows varieties across national lines, between services as well as between demographic groups within the military organization. All varieties have different impact on operational performance.
講師略歴:Joseph Soeters is a professor of management & organization studies at the Netherlands Defence Academy and Tilburg University. His most recent publication is the co-edited "Routledge Handbook on Research Methods in Military Studies, 2014 (together with Patricia Shields and Sebastiaan Rietjens).

René Moelker (Rotterdam, 1960) holds a Ph.D. from the Erasmus University Rotterdam (1992). He lectures at the Netherlands Defense Academy where he is associate professor of sociology. His work in military sociology concentrates on the sociology of military families, military technology, military profession, international co-operation, the military sociology of Norbert Elias, military education, conflict in Chechnya and media. With Stephen Mennell he edited Norbert Elias's The Genesis of the Naval Profession (2007, Dublin: UCD press). He published several more books and in journals o.a. in the British Journal of Sociology and in Armed Forces and Society (amongst others on military families and the Dutch Approach). A book on militaire families (Routledge will appear 2015. He was acting president of the European Research Group on Military and Society from 2009-2011. From 2011 he is secretary of this above mentioned Research Group.

日時: 2014年7月17日 (木)  午後18:30−20:00

場所:青山学院大学 青山キャンパス8号館4階 国際研究センター会議室



参加登録:2014年7月16日(水)まで: e-mail: rsc@sipeb.aoyama.ac.jp

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