7月18日 National Identity and Audience Cost

2014年度 青山学院大学国際研究センター主催

National Identity and Audience Cost

《講師》Dr. Ryu Yongwook

(Assistant Professor at Department of International Relations, Australian National University)

講師略歴: Biography:

Dr. Ryu is an assistant professor in the Department of International Relations, College of Asia and the Pacific at the Australian National University. He researches on a wide range of topics from East Asian international relations, foreign policies of China, Japan, and Korea, and ASEAN to identity politics, economic statecraft and international law, and has published in The Asian Survey, The Pacific Review, Korean Journal of Defense Analysis among others. Currently, he is working on a book project on identity and security and several articles examining threat perception in Sino-Japanese relations and the effect of the history problem on domestic public opinion in Japan. He holds a BA with first class honors from The University of Auckland, New Zealand, and a PhD from the Department of Government, Harvard University.

Seminar Abstract:

This paper extends the recent research on audience costs theory by examining the hitherto unexplored connection between national identity and audience costs. Based on the underlying reputational rationale of audience costs theory, we argue that national identity affects audience costs because it influences the degree to which citizens care about national reputation. We hypothesize that those who have a higher degree of national identity would punish the leader for empty promises more than those who have a low level of national identity. We embed an experiment in an online national survey in Japan to test the hypothesis, and report two major findings. First, as hypothesized, the greater one's national identity, the more s/he punishes the leader for making an empty threat. The second finding is that this general relationship hides an important difference between reasoned nationalism and blind nationalism. Reasoned nationalism leads to audience costs, but blind nationalism does not generate audience costs.

≪司会≫ 林 載桓 准教授 (本学国際政治経済学部 )


場所:青山学院大学8号館 4階 国際研究センター会議室


参加申込先:国際研究センターe-mail : rsc@sipeb.aoyama.ac.jp

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