4月9日 The Currents and Future of Civil-Military Interaction in the Field:Humanitarian Space and UN Integration

2014年度 国際研究センター研究会のお知らせ

The Currents and Future of Civil-Military Interaction in the Field:
Humanitarian Space and UN Integration

講師:ウイリアム J. フレーヴィン
平和維持・安定化活動研究所 副所長

司会・討論 青井 千由紀(本学国際政治経済学部)

講義内容:The nature and complexities of today's multi-dimensional operations are such that no single organization, department, or agency has all the requisite resources, authority, or expertise to single-handedly provide an effective response. While the military normally focuses on reaching clearly defined and measurable objectives within given timelines under a command structure, civilian organizations are concerned with fulfilling changeable political, economic, social, and humanitarian interests using dialogue, bargaining, risk taking, and consensus building. Harnessing the power of disparate organizations with different priorities and procedures is a daunting task. As such, collaboration among various military, governmental, non-governmental, and civilian agencies with the host nation is needed to achieve a common goal.

講師略歴:William Flavin assumed the job as the Assistant Director at the Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute, located at the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania in July 2013. Before this assignment he was the head of the Doctrine and Education Division in PKSOI. From 1995 to 1999, he served as the Deputy Director of Special Operations for the Supreme Allied Commander Europe at the Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers Europe. He was a senior fellow at CSIS for his Army War College year and taught at the Army War College.

日時:2014年4月9日(水) 午後18:30−20:00

場所: 8号館4階 国際研究センター会議室

参加申込先:国際研究センター e-mail: rsc@sipeb.aoyama.ac.jp


4月4日 THE ROK and its Navy: Perceptions of Seapower and the Rise of China

2014年度 国際研究センター研究会のお知らせ

THE ROK and its Navy:
Perceptions of Seapower and the Rise of China

講師: イアン・バワーズ
ノルウエー防衛問題研究所 (オスロ)

討論者: グラント・ニューシャム
フェロー 日本戦略研究フォーラム

司会 : 青井 千由紀 (本学国際政治経済学部)

The ROK Navy is an organization torn between deterring North Korea in the littorals of the Korean Peninsula and developing forces capable of operating within the wider East Asian maritime environment. This presentation will analyze how the ROK and by extension its navy views and reacts to the security challenges posed by the rise of China. Importantly, it will shed light on the history procurement and operational doctrine of the ROKN, linking them to the ROK's regional security policies and will demonstrate that the rise of China is an important element in informing the ROK's perceptions of security and the utility of seapower.

Dr Ian Bowers is a Senior Research Fellow at the Norwegian Institute of Defence Studies based in Oslo. He specializes in South Korean security and Asian naval affairs, his current projects include a study on the influence of non-traditional naval operations on Asian navies and the future of South Korean - Japanese Security Relations. Dr Bowers received his PhD in War Studies from King's College London in 2013.

Grant Newsham is a research fellow at the Japan Forum for Strategic Studies in Tokyo. He was recently the first US Marine Liaison Officer to the Japan Ground Self Defense Force. He is also a former US diplomat, serving at the US Embassy, Tokyo in the 1990's.

日時: 2014年4月4日(金) 午後18:30−20:00
場所: 8号館 4階 国際研究センター会議室 ※使用言語:英語 

参加申込先:国際研究センター e-mail: rsc@sipeb.aoyama.ac.jp

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