3月4日Hidemi Suganami氏、Oreste Foppiani 氏講演会

2013年度 国際政治経済学部・青山学院大学国際研究センター共催

第一部:Causalising world politics: what philosophy Can and cannot do to help

《報告者》Hidemi Suganami

Professor Hidemi Suganami is a representative scholar of the English School of International Relations and author of numerous books and articles on international politics including The Domestic Analogy and World Order Proposals (Cambridge University Press, 1989) and On the Causes of War (Clarendon Press, 1996). He will be describing the basic characteristics and historical development of the English School and discussing the relevance of the English School of the contemporary international politics. Professor Hidemi Suganami holds a BA from Tokyo University , an MSc(Econ), by research, from Aberystwyth, and a PhD from the London School of Economics. He began teaching International Relations in 1975 at Keele University and had held a personal chair there in the Philosophy of International Relations until 2004, when he joined the Department of International Politics at Aberystwyth.

《司会》青井 千由紀 教授(本学国際政治経済学部 ) 
《コメント》押村 高 教授(本学国際政治経済学部 )

第二部:Mediterranean Security vis-à-vis Pacific Security: A US Navy's "Game Reserve"or New
Games and Roles?

《報告者》Oreste Foppiani

Dr Foppiani earned a PhD in International History and Politics from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (HEI) in 2008. His dissertation, which has been published in 2011 (www.peterlang.com), is on Anglo-American relations with, perceptions of, and judgments on, the Italian Social Republic during the Italian Civil War (1943-1945). During his PhD he received the Albert Gallatin Fellowship in International Affairs to spend a year at SAIS-Johns Hopkins University in Washington, DC, and was awarded a scholarship from the Department of Political Sciences of the Catholic University, Milan, to spend a semester at the National Archives-Public Record Office in Richmond, Surrey, UK.
He has conducted research on historical topics, such as the Spanish-American War, Anglo-American relations during World War II, Republican Fascism, the US and Italian Navies, British and US intelligence during World War II, the history of European integration, EU security policies, EU-US relations, US power politics and the illegal immigration in the Mediterranean Sea. He is currently working on a project on the new role of Japan as a regional power and the Japanese Navy vis-à-vis Tokyo's new foreign policy.
Besides his historical research, Dr Foppiani comments and writes in the popular press on the issues of the day concerning EU-US relations, US foreign policy, NATO, and security. He is a regular contributor to Italian and Swiss newspapers and a permanent correspondent accredited to the United Nations Organization. He has published articles in Relations Internationales, European History Quarterly, Révue Militaire Suisse, The Journal of Transatlantic Studies, Rivista Marittima, Crossroads and Il Politico.

Last but not least, he is a senior reserve officer of the Italian Navy (www.marina.difesa.it) and an Italian Red Cross instructor of International Humanitarian Law (www.cri.it).

《司会》押村 高 教授(本学国際政治経済学部 ) 
《コメント》青井 千由紀教授(本学国際政治経済学部 )

場所:8号館 4階 国際研究センター会議室

参加申込先:国際研究センターe-mail : rsc@sipeb.aoyama.ac.jp

2014年2月 4日

2月27日  ヨーロッパ映画に見る移民 《講演とシンポジウム》

主催:2013年度 青山学院大学国際研究センター






日時:2月27日(木) 13:00~17:00

場所:青山学院大学8号館 4階 国際研究センター会議室


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